Getting started with TypeScript in Visual Studio Code

This is a super short introduction to start writing TypeScript in Visual Studio Code. This tutorial is written for Windows users, but it should be roughly the same procedure for Linux and OS X users, since all these tools are cross platform. This post is not actually about writing TypeScript, it’s just a guide to […]

Use Subversion revision number as version number with MSBuild

(And handle revision numbers larger than 65534) When using a system for continuous integration to automatically deploy your application, it is important to know what version of your code is deployed. This tutorial will show you how to automatically set the version number of the deployed .dll. In a .NET project, the version number is defined in AssemblyInfo.cs, on the […]

How to use Bootstrap or other CSS frameworks on a small part of a page without affecting the rest of the page’s style

I’m currently working on a project where I have an AngularJS app (a form), that will be displayed on several different external websites. This means that I have to style the form to fit into several different page designs, with different existing stylesheets. The form itself is styled using Bootstrap, one of the most commonly […]

AngularJS and .NET MVC: Convert templates from html to javascript and bundle app and templates together

I am working on a project where I have an AngularJS app on my own .NET MVC website, and I will display this app on several remote websites. TL;DR: To get the AngularJS templates to load correctly on the remote website, I needed to convert the html template files to javascript and bundle them together with […]

SharePoint: Create a content organizer rule with many content type aliases using PowerShell

Why would I want to add many content type aliases to a content organizer rule? When creating a content organizer rule in SharePoint, the default is that the rule is only valid for a single content type. To get around this limitation, you can add other content type names to the field Aliases (also known […]