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Contentful: How to avoid messing up your production content using environments

The problem: I have a .NET web application with a separate test and production environment. My content is stored in Contentful. Now I have been asked to create a new feature, which involves changing the content model for my content, and I want to try out this new feature in my test environment without messing up the content in the production environment.


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Deploy Sanity Studio with Azure DevOps is a headless CMS, which means the editor interface is very loosely coupled with the website or interface that is displaying the content to the end user. The editor interface for is called Sanity Studio and in most scenarios you will want to deploy this as a standalone application. Luckily, Sanity (the company) offer to host Studio for you, even on their free plan.


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Build, test and deploy a dotnet core website using Cake, TeamCity and Octopus Deploy

I have just completed setting up a simple deploy pipeline for a dotnet core project where I use TeamCity to build the project and run xUnit tests and then Octopus Deploy to deploy.


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