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A boy on his bicycle.

Use Contentful's image processing to give every user the best image for their screen size

With responsive websites, the same image can be displayed on screens ranging from several thousand pixels wide down to a few hundred.


Contentful editor of the "blogpost" content type

Contentful migrations: Copy content from one entry to another

In Contentful, the easiest way to change your content model is through the web app on This is pretty straightforward if you are doing basic changes like adding a new text field. However, if you are planning more complex changes, migration scripts are probably the best way forward. By using migration scripts, you can add and delete fields like you can in the web app, and you can also create and insert content into existing entries.


Contentful: How to avoid messing up your production content using environments

The problem: I have a .NET web application with a separate test and production environment. My content is stored in Contentful. Now I have been asked to create a new feature, which involves changing the content model for my content, and I want to try out this new feature in my test environment without messing up the content in the production environment.