Visual Studio Code and AutoHotkey

2016-02-10 Update: This post is about how to get around a bug in Visual Studio Code. This bug is now fixed, and my automatic text replacement (described in this blog post), works just as well in Visual Studio Code as in other applications.

In my previous post,Β Use automatic text replacement to speed up your coding and typing, I explained how I use AutoHotkey on Windows and equivalent software on OS X to speed up my typing and coding

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The idea is to use software to replace some easy-to-hit keys like “->” with a special symbol like “β†’”

I use Visual Studio Code quite a lot, and for some reason text replacement with AutoHotkey does not work in VSCode.

I finally found a workaround, which is to have a small delay beforeΒ the replacement text is being typed. This my list of shortcuts:

This is my AutoHotkey.ahk file. I have one setup for VSCode, where I have 100 milliseconds pause before each text insert. For all other applications, I have the same setup as before:

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